Jobs are activities which require energy and yield some money and if you are lucky can have additional benefits.

Early game jobs Edit

At the start you can work at the jail or at the liquor shop but these jobs don't really yield good amount of money. You need to get your skills to 5 to be able to switch to better ones.

Jobs Edit

There are three main job types. In all three it is possible to advance (climb up the ladder) if you have the needed skill and you can increase your salary and the chance of additional benefits.

Hotel Edit

Working at the hotel requires sweet talking and Intelligence. The additional benefit is getting clients for your working girls.

Spa Edit

Working at the spa requires sweet talking and artistic vision. The addition benefit is getting phone numbers of girls who can become fuck buddies if you are successful at charming.

Restaurant Edit

Working at the restaurant requires sweet talking and seduction. The additional benefit is that you can pick up cougars.

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