Girl attributes[edit | edit source]

Race: determines their look, and delivery deals and massage parlours may demand certain races.

Star rating: the higher the better but harder to obtain. Empty stars mean that you need to pimp them to reach maximum potential.

Girl types[edit | edit source]

Girls can be picked up at the disco and at the spa. These girls get into your folder. After this you can try to pick them up via charming. If successful the girl becomes your fuck buddy.

Fuck buddies: These girls can be turned into an actress or a hooker depending on how do they behave when you do them. If they 'like money', they can become hookers but you need to do them until their job acceptance is in the red part of the hooker circle. (Of couse you can offer the job earlier but it's unlikely that they will accept. ) If however the game says that 'making men happy is not their best part' or something like that then it means that they can become an actress instead a hooker. To increase their actress acceptance you should do photo shots with her until the acceptance gots to the red end of the circle and then offer the job. Of course you can keep fuck buddies just for doing them which does make sense if you just want to grow your dick to advance levels.

Hookers: these girls make money through satisfying client demands.

Actresses: these girls act in films and photo shots.

Getting Girls[edit | edit source]

- By charming and then by developing them as a fuck buddy (see above).

- Hookers by offering jobs at the street and winning the fight

- Actresses by paying for castings at the casting tent.

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