Excitement is a resource in the game. It recovers slowly but is needed for many important activities so keeping it high is particularly important.

Activities needed excitement Edit

- Doing cougars. This needs some energy as well.

- Doing gigolo jobs for Mr. Big D.

- Doing your fuck buddies.

- Making movies

- Training pimp knowledge at the Academy.

- Training at the outhouse.

Increasing excitement Edit

- Making photo shoots. This increases your excitement by 40-50.

- Doing hookers in the street. Increases excitement by 40, regardless of the price you have to pay. They only differ in the mojo increase they grant So if you can live with the lower mojo boost, you can go for the more affordable ones. You can get 60 if you "feel lucky" (no rubber) this risks a minor the health hit (max -15) .

- Using penile enchantments from the pharmacy. Increase depending on which one you are using. The higher the increase, the longer time it takes until you can use it again. Watch out not to use more than you can take. While you cannot buy what exceeds your maximum, you have to ensure that your current excitement plus the boost do not go beyond your limit when you actually use the drug.

- Patience. As we are males, our natural state is fully erect. Just wait and see the excitement level achieve 100% all by itself.

-Watching Porn. Porn increases the amount of excitement gained, and even into higher levels the cash only porn flick is well worth buying and using at all times. Its less useful, however, to use the porn you create, as this is worth money to the film studio or on Booble.

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